Monday, March 30, 2009

Dating Tips: What dating is all about?

A teacher was lecturing his pupils about dating and sex education and it's safety. In the course of the dating and sex education tips, He asked a leading question: " What dating is all about?
One of the pupils responded that, Dating is all about Date Sexy Women, dating e-guide, hot babe, hot girls , dating e-guide, hot girls ,relationships, sex, tips, boyfriend, date,girl friends, suger mum, sugar day and above all, disasters!
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dating Tips: How To Attract And Keep Any Man

This is all about how to understand and influence men with ease, while also showing you how to ground yourself and maintain your emotional boundaries.

You can open the steel vault of his heart and connect with the emotional gold within him--you can reach the places inside him that no other woman has ever touched...

You can have the power to help him unleash his ambition, so that he can carry you with him up the marble staircase of success.

You'll learn to:

Understand men even more deeply than ever before
Connect with their emotions
Guide their actions
Hook into their needs
while also learning to:

Protect yourself from getting hurt, while having more adventure than ever before
Free yourself from thoughts and emotions that don't serve you
Communicate with your internal emotional process, so that your feelings align with your desires

Learn exactly how to wield enormous power over men! Begin the next step in your journey of personal evolution!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Relationships That Are Dangerous

Relationship dangerousness in women’s eyes is often too narrow of a definition. Often women equate dangerousness only with physical violence. If he hasn’t hit her, then the relationship can’t be ‘dangerous’ to her.

Women’s relational harm that happens in dangerous relationships can include:

* Emotional danger and damage
* Physical danger and damage
* Sexual danger and damage
* Financial danger and damage
* Spiritual danger and damage
* All of these kinds of danger and damage to her children and family members as well

Danger and damage occur when someone is harmed in a relationship, on any level. Emotional, financial or spiritual damage is not less ‘dangerous’ to a woman’s mental health than any of the other kinds of damage. And yet women often overlook the results of relationships that are dangerous and what she is living with now that it is over.

Women would come to counseling and not even realize how damaged they were from the relationships that were dangerous that they were in. If she was paying a counselor because of the damaging effects of the relationship then it was in fact, dangerous to her! She was damaged enough by that relationship to seek counseling. I’d call that a dangerous relationship!

As women rack up more and more relationships that are dangerous she learns to normalize his abnormal and damaging behaviors. The results are that women often find it difficult to be attracted to nice normal men and find themselves in a vicious cycle of dating ‘bad boys’ with bad results!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting Over Being Dumped: Tips for Coping with the End of a Relationship

From time to time, relationships go badly wrong. Most of us have been abandoned by a partner at some stage ion life. If not then you are very lucky. It is easier to leave someone than be dumped yourself but if you have been left, then you need to take your time and have a period of mourning before dating again. If a major relationship has ended it will take some time to recover and anyone who suggests you just bounce back is a fool as they are not in touch with the reality of the situation.
Do rely on good friends and do find time for yourself but ultimately it is time that will sort things out for you. Distance from the event and plenty of thinking and pondering will help put things in perspective but I will say that it is generally the case that that particular relationship didn't work out because there are far better things in store for you. If that relationship didn't end, how would you ever go on to meet Mr. or Miss Right?
Accept what has happened and do not try to win your ex back
Never go back to someone once they have left you, it won't work
Take some time out from socializing to get to grips with what has happened
Make time for yourself to do some thinking
Never allow your ex to suggest you will both be good friends
Don't get in touch with, or try and see your ex to sort things out as you are fooling yourself. Once someone has taken such a major step it is usually for good
Remove anything in your apartment that reminds you of them. Have a spring clean
Do not allow your ex back into your house, it's over
If you had shared friends, it will be a difficult period. Be prepared that some people will fall by the way side
Do rely on your best friends for comfort and they should allow you to talk as much as you need.
As soon as you can, come to terms with the loss and realize that you are not going to be single again forever. That will not happen
Do everything you can to rebuild your self confidence and demonstrate to yourself what your ex lost
Never blame yourself. If someone left you it was purely their decision. If they couldn't communicate with you prior to the event it was their own failing
If your ex was unfaithful if has nothing to do with your own bedroom prowess. More their lack of self-respect
Though it is a powerful mood, do not harbor grudges and desire revenge too much. Hurting someone brings you down to their level. The best revenge is in bouncing back and demonstrating how much they actually lost
Learn from the failed relationship, not only about yourself but about what you will never accept again in future dating needs
Lose the photographs. There is no comfort to be found there
Do allow yourself to be angry for a short time. In doing so you will feel empowered to move on
Being rejected hurts so don't allow anyone to tell you otherwise
When you are ready do start socializing again even if dating is some way off
Don't start a new relationship on the rebound, it is highly likely to fail and you will hurt the new person too
Hold your head up high and think only of positive things where possible
Sometimes it is necessary to move location or job to recover. If this is the case, it will herald a fresh start
Don't email/phone your ex or look for reasons because you will often be lied too. They will try and spare your feelings (laughably) by avoiding what they really think
Take a vacation if you can and get a wider sense of perspective. This includes meeting new people and making new friends
Don't go to your old haunts secretly hoping to run into your ex. That is a recipe for disaster and will prolong the healing process
Eventually, do treat yourself and buy new clothes and even change your image slightly to get a fresh feel for things. A new haircut can do wonders and instill a new sense of confidence
Be patient and take your time with anything. Ultimately in the years that follow you will feel strong and confident and will go on to have a beautiful relationship. Just thank your lucky stars it wasn't with the fool who just walked out the door
Never make rash decisions in the days after being dumped. This is not the time for clarity of judgment. Your friends will help you.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dealing with divorce-related stress by Lora Pfundheller

Divorce is one of the most stressful events in an adult's life. For most people, divorce is a time of sadness and regret. In the midst of this emotional turmoil, many practical changes must also be dealt with. Daily life must be reorganized to accommodate the new structure of the family. Finances need to be untangled and rethought. Self identity shifts from being a spouse to being single. Possessions are divided up. If there are children involved, their need for reassurance and answers is immediate. All of these changes can add up to an enormous amount of stress. Below are some general strategies for dealing with it.
1. Allow yourself to grieve. If you don't acknowledge your feelings of sadness and anger, they will overwhelm you, adding dramatically to your stress. It is normal to mourn the end of a marriage. There are good times in almost every marriage, no matter how badly it turned out. Seeing those good times come to an end is distressing. Even if you are the one seeking the divorce, there is loss involved. You are losing your identity, your partner, even your in-laws. Go ahead and cry.
2. Accept the fact of the divorce. Pretending the divorce isn't happening won't change reality. Denial creates chaos, as your fear of the coming change clashes with the necessity of moving forward. Acceptance allows you to begin building a new status quo.
3. Make time for yourself, especially if you are now a single parent. Taking on all the household responsibility can be staggering. It is vital that you relax when you begin to feel overwhelmed by it all. If you can only spare a few minutes, take a shower or do deep breathing exercises. If you have the time, take a walk or curl up with a good book. You will feel better and get more accomplished once you've de-stressed a bit.
4. Talk about your feelings. Express yourself to family members or friends. Seek help from a therapist for depression. Find a support group for divorced people or single parents. Keep a diary. Sharing your experience and getting advice and comfort will lower your stress level.
5. Socialize. Get together with friends and enjoy yourself. When you isolate yourself, your problems become the only thing you can think about. Stop dwelling on the divorce and allow yourself to laugh. You will be able to face your new challenges feeling less stressed if you realize you can still have fun.
6. Rediscover yourself. What did you like to do before you got married? Did you write poetry or paint? Perhaps you spent your free time surfing or gardening. Whatever you once filled your time with, you did it for a reason. You did it because it was relaxing and fulfilling. Now is a great time to get back to your old hobbies, or discover new ones.
The end of a marriage is always difficult. The changes in your life will be countless and stress is inevitable. While there is no way to avoid stress during divorce altogether, using these tips will help you minimize your stress and get on with your life.


Ways Women Castrate Men

Every man reading this newsletter knows that fighting with a woman can be one of the most unpleasant things in life. What starts out as a simple "misunderstanding" too often turns into World War III. While it's easy and fun to blame women for causing problems (and yes, they often do), you are often just as responsible for the conflict as she is.
Once you are able to clearly identify some of the predictable causes of conflicts, you'll have an easier time avoiding them. You'll also have a deeper understanding of your own reactions when you enter into a conflict with a woman.
1. Why women feel they have the right to be angry.
One piece of the puzzle is that women can be incredibly angry and resentful. So when you enter into a conflict with a woman she then feels as though she has the right to be as mean and nasty as she wants to be.
One reason she feels this way is that most women were raised to suppress their anger and to be quiet, polite, etc. So when they grow into women they feel as though they have a lifetime of anger to express on any man who will take the punishment.
2. Women take their anger out on the men they like the most.
While it sounds downright wacky, women tend to express their anger at the men they like the most. Think about it this way: Women can only express anger and feel free to show the meanest and most ugly parts of themselves to men they really trust.
As much as it sucks to have a woman you like being angry and attacking you, she probably feels free enough with you to express that part of herself because she cares about you and trusts you.
Are we saying you should let her beat the sh*t out of you? No way, Jose. We're saying that most men do not know how to handle an angry woman, and it might give you some comfort, in the face of a woman's attack, to know that she is doing this, in part, because she trusts you.
Furthermore, women often test men to see how committed they are, and how safe it is for them to express themselves, by being angry. Women do this to see how you react. Do you yell back? Do you run away? Their attack is a test to see how you react.
3. Castration.
When we refer to castration, we are not talking about Lorena Bobbit and her escapades. By castration we are referring to ways in which women attack men at the level of their masculinity.
While you might start a conflict with a woman out of pure stupidity or insensitivity, and keep it on that level, when a woman is angry with you she will often attack you at a much deeper level--your manhood, your pride, your confidence, and your sense of feeling like "the man."
When a woman castrates you she goes right for your balls. It's a way for a woman to cause you to feel inadequate, guilty, and that you don't measure up. One sign that a woman has castrated you is that instead of reacting with anger or rage you'll feel lethargic, tired, or even apathy. In other words, you'll feel defeated.
We all know the feeling of being totally exhausted and drained when fighting with a woman. It's a sign of castration.
When a woman castrates you, she is crying out for one of two things: she either wants attention, or she has something to tell you but doesn't know how to express herself. In either case she uses castration to get your attention and to take her frustrations out on you.
It's important for you to understand the three basic forms of castration so that you can quickly spot when a woman is castrating you. From there, you'll be able to see the attack and decide how to react, or NOT to react.
The Three Types of Castration
1. Frontal Castration
In a Frontal Castration, a woman insults you in front of other people.
This is a powerful way to humiliate you and embarrass you in public. One component of this castration is that since there are other people around you, it leaves you feeling stuck because you do not want to cause a scene, and yet you do not want to let her continue to attack you.
Solution: if she doesn't stop, leave the situation and try to talk to her in private. If she's unwilling to do that, go home.
2. Blind Spot Castration
Blind Spot Castration happens when you are feeling really good about a woman, and she gives you a compliment about something, and you feel very connected to her and happy, but then she quickly criticizes you.
For example, you bring a woman flowers. She is really excited to have them, and puts them into a vase. But then she says, "you brought me lilies, I told you I only like roses." Another example: You take a woman to a restaurant and have a romantic time. You're getting along great, laughing, and you then walk her to your car to move onto the next stage of the date.
When you get into the car the woman a woman kisses you and tells you what a great time she had, but also says, "It's too bad the people near us were so loud." In these examples you are feeling strong, you're happy that the date is going so well, and then you end up feeling responsible, and that you failed.
Solution: know that you did do a good job in setting up the date and do not let this minor setback destroy the entire date. Remember, things were going well a few minutes ago and you can get things back on track.
Also, see her use of this method of castration as information about her. If a woman is never happy with the things you buy for her or the places where you take her, she might not be worthy of your time--no matter how hot she is.
3. Bear trapping castration
This is the most common form of castration. In bear trapping castration, the issue is that nothing you can say will make any difference to a woman.
One of the ways a man shows he cares about a woman is by offering solutions to her problems. So if a woman is having a problem with someone at her job, or is having a problem with her car, a guy wants to help out and help her find a solution.
When a woman uses the bear trapping method of castration she rejects any or all of your solutions to her problems and tells you your ideas are useless. You are castrated by never being able to make a difference for the woman, no matter how hard you try and no matter what you do.
Solution: you need to let women have their problems. You can try to help them and offer solutions, but recognize that they often love their problems. If you take away their problems you can then easily BECOME the problem.
End the castration!
Written by Ron Louis & David Copeland

How Hot Women Test Men They Date and Why - Part 3 by David Deangelo

I treat women very well... they always tell me that they've never met a man who treats them so well, etc.

How can this be when I seem like such a ball buster?

Well, it's simple really... I do nice things for them ON MY OWN TERMS. I will surprise them with a thoughtful e-mail or a card... or I might give them a nice massage... I open doors and walk on the outside of the curb... But part of most women's romantic fantasy (in my opinion) is the man taking control of the situation and doing things on HIS terms. Try it for yourself... next time you're going to meet a woman, tell her what to wear... choose the food and tell her to trust you... if she asks for a kiss, say, “No"... but kiss her later when YOU feel like it... if you know that she likes chocolate, and she asks for some... don't give it to her... but surprise her with some next time you see her... get it?

Here are a couple of rules of thumb that I use:

1. Never give a woman a direct answer... unless the answer is NO. This is a big one. If she says, “Can we sit here?" I say, “No, let's sit in this one next to it." or if she says, “How do you like my dress?" I say, “Well, I think that I like it... just give me a few minutes to see it on you."... or if she says, “Call me tomorrow." I say, “No. You call me tomorrow... cummon, you want me and you know it." Get it?

2. If she complains about you or doesn't like something, turn it up a notch and do it more. If she says to me, “I don't really like it when you say that.", I say, “Well then you might want to leave, because I say it a lot." Get it?

3. Women are CONSTANTLY testing to see if they can get you to comply with them. As soon as you do, they hit the road (or marry you). This idea took me years to see and understand, but the fact is that when you're dealing with a powerful, hot woman she will do all different kinds of things that make no sense at all logically... but all the sense in the world when you understand her mindset.

Hot women can have anything they want. What they want is a challenge... something that keeps their interest. If a woman can have anything she wants anytime she wants it, then Why the hell do guys think that they're going to be interesting by doing the same thing that every other guy has done? Duh.

4. Hey, I used to think this way... but then I got a clue. Now, I pay very careful attention and never let her have what she wants. If she says, “Kiss me." I say, “No." If she says, “Come over to my house." I say, “I'm busy right now, I'll come over later." If she says, “I want you so bad, please make love to me." I say, “Well, I think that you need to wait a little longer. And besides, I'm not finished kissing you." Get it? I NEVER give a woman exactly what she asks for... EVER!

Always send mixed signals. Tell her I want to be friends and kiss her. Tell her what she just did was unacceptable and then go kiss her. Spank her if she does something nice. Also, respond differently to the same thing. For example, one time if she comes over and sits on my lap, I kiss her. Another time I push her off... get it? Never be predictable... NEVER.

For the record, when I say, “always" and “never", I don't really mean “ALWAYS 100% WITHOUT EXCEPTION EVER." I mean that you should do these as much as you possibly can, because you really can't overdo any of them as long as you stay cocky and funny while you're doing them.

The test is always, “Is she laughing, smiling, having fun most of the time?" If so, you can't overdo these four rules.

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How you can get a date with hot girls online

1. Make sure your profile is interesting. You should forget about putting Warcraft and Linux as your hobbies or interests because hot girls don't like them. Provide interesting hobbies or interests on your profile.
2. Post sweet and extraordinary pictures. Avoid posting pics of your abs because hot girls are not really interested in those things. You can post pictures with cool friends or pictures of extreme sports. Travel pictures are also interesting. Don't post pictures that show you're drunk and instead, post pictures together with nice-looking girls. This will show that you're also a gentleman and a social guy.
3. Put a few pictures of your friends. Putting too many pictures will not be realistic. Just select the pictures with your closest friends.
4. Don't overload your profile with personal information. Hot girls are not into info overload. You can skip some fields if you want. By limiting the information on your profile, you can attract the attention of hot girls because they want to know you better.

Getting hot girls to fall for you is not as difficult as you think. With a bit of know how, you can make your profile hot and interesting. Just put only the essential information. You can also describe yourself a bit, tell your hobbies or interests, but always keep in mind that hot girls prefer men who are feedback-oriented. You have to be real and don't deceive women. Pictures can reveal too much about your personality so choose them well. The pictures should impart an exciting and interesting individual. Once you caught their attention, they will want to know you more. Set up your profile now or improve the one you have right now.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Discover how to dress for a hot date

1.Think of the image that best reflects your personality. You be able to manage it without too much trouble. Don't decide to go "goth" on a hot date if that's not an image you can truly keep up on a regular basis.

2.Select clothes that show off the most positive aspects of your body, e.g trim waist, toned arms or great legs. Figure-skimming fabrics like cotton jersey or silk will help you look sexy and hot. However, it's important to leave something to the imagination.It may seem counterintuitive, but restraint can be even hotter than flaunting everything have.

3.Pick a color analysis to dress in the colors of clothing that most flatter you. Wearing the right colors can help you look slimmer, healthier and even younger.

4.Choose one or two key accessories that match your outfit. The key here is balance. You want your necktie, earrings or watch to be noticeable, but not to overpower the rest of your ensemble.

5.Put on a pair of shoes that are in top condition. Using shoes that are unpolished, torn or worn will not leave a good first impression. Strappy sandals, high heels and tall leather boots are all good hot-date choices for women.

6.You should choose to dress in an outfit that is comfortable. No matter how great it looks on you, you're not going to seem hot if you're fidgeting in it all evening.

7. Figure your body type to find clothes that fit you best. There are free resources, such as Personal Image Training, that offer advice on how to make the best clothing choices for your body type click here for details.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How Hot Women Test Men They Date and Why - Part 2 by David_DeAngelo

Most of the time, I’m enjoying myself, talking about whatever comes up, making jokes, and generally behaving like a normal person. But, like anything else, if these techniques are used too much, they become worthless… so they must be used with precision and at the right moments. What’s interesting is that because I usually (but not always) do these teasing and seemingly controlling things with a bit of a dry humor spin, I believe that the woman who I’m with has an internal response like, “Wow, this guy is cocky, but I can’t tell if he’s serious or not… and I want to find out… but either way, he’s funny and he’s staying interested in me and not being flagrantly abusive… so he must be interested at SOME level…” The key is to WATCH FOR THE TESTS and be ready when they come. Most guys screw up when a woman acts bratty… or when a woman gets upset, they say, “Oh, I’m sorry” and mess it up. Or they act nervous, etc. You have to stay in control… If a woman starts getting angry, instead of getting nervous say, “Oh, poor baby is throwing a tantrum… So what. You’ve been doing the same thing since you were 2, and you didn’t get your way.” SPANK! Another realization I’ve had is that most women are totally intrigued by men who seem uninterested and crass… it’s almost like they say to themselves, “Wow, this guy seems kind of cocky… and I can’t believe that he’s not interested in having sex with me like all the other dumb pussies that I meet… He’s funny and smart… I wonder if I can get him interested in me… and when I do, I’ll just dump him like the other losers… but this might be fun…” Get it? But if you are going to act this way, you have to keep it up until the end… and I mean to the end. I’m going to address the ‘treating women well’ issue again on my next post.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

How Hot Women Test Men They Date and Why - Part 1 by David_DeAngelo

In my opinion, most women, especially the ‘hotties’, have gone through a learning curve here in our western culture that has on average given them a sort of ‘predictable psychological makeup’. Now, there are differences between these women… some are smart, some are not… some are tall, some are short… some are cerebral, some are physical… etc. etc. etc… but there are things that most of them have in common. I’ve made a study of these things… because this is what interests me.
At some point in their lives, hotties began to be treated differently because they were attractive. I mentioned the social psychology concept earlier called ‘The Halo Effect’. Simply stated, attractive people are assumed to be smarter, more honest, more trustworthy, etc. than others. The fact that people do whatever the hottie wants begins to blur their sense of reality and makes them believe that they can have whatever they want whenever they want it… AND THAT’S JUST THE WAY LIFE IS. (This applies in general.)
You’ll notice that many super-hotties will throw tantrums if they don’t like what’s going on or aren’t getting their way… this is a sure sign that they are not living in the same reality as most people… when they don’t get what they want, they get upset because this has worked since they were little…
Now, on a subconscious level, I’ve noticed that most hot women realize that they are being ridiculous when they act like bitches, throw tantrums, etc. but it doesn’t really matter because it still WORKS for them when they want what they want… are you with me?
Underneath all of this behavior, they are still FEMALE and they are looking for what other females are also looking for…
What are women looking for?
Well, for the record, I have no idea. After 30 years of studying people, Freud said that there was one question that he didn’t have the answer to… “What do women want?” Nice.
BUT, here’s my take on it: First and foremost, they want a man who is in CONTROL (of the situation, himself, his emotions, other people, her… control of the entire reality that they share).
Let me ask you, if you were a woman who wanted to test a man to see if he will stay in control, how would you do it? Would you ask the man, “If I get out of hand, will you spank me and put me in my place?”
So they test us by CHALLENGING us to see if we’ll stay in control. The reason I do all of this “Never give a woman a direct answer… unless it’s NO… Never give a woman exactly what she wants…” etc. is, ironically, to give her what she REALLY wants… a man who’s in control. Women want a challenge. Think romance novel themes… if you don’t know what I’m talking about, sit yourself down for a week and read Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women by Jayne Krentz… How to Succeed With Women By Being A Jerk by F.J. Shark… Endless Rapture by Helen Hazen… and Bad Boys by Margie Palatini… and think about it.
Double Your Dating - What Every Man Should Know About How To Be Successful With Women. David DeAngelo will show you the secrets that most men will never know about women. Improve your dating with David's dating tips and dating advice.