Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dating Tips :What Women Want After Lovemaking

The art of lovemaking is beautiful. A relationship which involves lovemaking makes the couple fall more deeply in love because it is said that lovemaking makes two people one.

When you are intimate with your partner the world around you seems to be very different. Lovemaking will not only enhance love life but also improves one's health.

There are certain things that men and women want from their partners after the art of lovemaking.

Lets pay more attention as to what women want after lovemaking from their man, these will surely enhance love life.

1.It is said that women love to cuddle up in a spoon position with her man's arms around her. The best thing is that she feels safe and secured if he holds her in his arms and expresses his love with sweet talk and little pecks.

2.Other than cuddling and soft kisses, there are some women who love to talk even after they have made sweet love to their partner. What women want after lovemaking is to just talk to the partner. Talking helps to get to know each other well in bed under those satin sheets.

3.What women want after lovemaking is for her man to ask her how she is feeling. Simple things you can ask her is if she liked the lovemaking session, what she felt good in, what lovemaking position she likes etc.

4.It is very rare when a woman asks for more. What women want after lovemaking is no relaxation. Unfortunately, it is true because some women feel the need to start up the heat again as you may be the reason for her to be turned on. Never miss opportunities and try as possible not to reject her as it will be a great insult.

These are some of the things what women want after lovemaking. To enhance love life for the better, follow these rules to the art of lovemaking.

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