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Monday, May 5, 2014

What is in Men's mind?

If you're the type who attend weddings or marriage ceremonies, you'll realize that less beautiful ladies get married than the extra beauty's. Although aesthetic is a product of
perspective, men often use girls who the society classify as beautiful for sex while they marry those with qualities. In order to know these qualities, read the following advice:
If you're the type who attend weddings or marriage ceremonies, you'll realize that less beautiful ladies get married than the extra beauty's. Although aesthetic is a product of
1. Guys love to marry independent and matured
ladies... so instead of sitting there and waiting to be bluffed by a guy, focus on getting a career that would take you out of the 'house wife category'...
2. Never let the sweet talks of guys deceive you, most times they just want to go between
your legs and run off thereafter. On the flip side, don't not see all guys as the same.
3. Remove the mentality from your mind that guys will keep springing up to approach you. The older you get by the day, the less toasters you will have. That is the "LAW OF DIMINISHING RETURNS" in Economics.
4. Playing 'too hard to get' is the worst thing you should ever start, remember, nothing lasts forever...
5. Never extort things from a guy you don't love. Guys always have ways of paying you back, either through friends or strangers....BE CAREFUL!
6. Don't deceive yourself that you can trap a guy with sex. A man will always return to his wife who sex-starved him for years.... You can never win a man over with your body.
7. If all you take to the relationship is the mind set to EXTRACT MONEY from him, demanding for things you know that he is not capable of or things that can not be provided by ur parents, don't complain if all he ask from you is your body. He has seen that you have nothing else to offer...
8. Don't be fooled when Guys tell you they have never met a prettier girl. They will say that same thing to an 80year old woman they want to get intimate with.
9. Because he's always taking you to Cinema Houses, Fast foods, Malls, Conferences,etc, is no sign that he loves you. If he doesn't care to ask and plan your future, then you are just his Casual friend and nothing else....
10. If the only time he invites you over is when he needs to cook, clean the house and do his laundry, then just know you are his"executive house help".
11. If he avoids meeting your family and close friends then it is an obvious sign he is just playing games with you.
12. If the only places he doesn't frown when you enter are his bedroom and kitchen then know you aren't welcome (only being used).
Have you noticed that most of the ladies that
end up being EMOTIONALLY ABUSED are the ones at the receiving end...Always with open arms, requesting for something and ready to receive... The more you widen your arms, the more he widens your legs... A grown up guy who gives the excuse about his parents being wild when he brings female visitors to the house is a sign that HE HAS A SERIOUS GIRL AND HAS INTRODUCED HER TO HIS PARENTS ALREADY... ADVISE YOURSELF... FINALLY, it's better to be sitting in a taxi smiling happily than to be in your husband’s fresh air conditioned BMWx6 with bruised eyes wearing a fresh Gucci shades alongside a Burberry scarf.... JUST REMEMBER THAT DATING A RICH MAN DOESN'T GUARANTEE HAPPINESS IN MARRIAGE. MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING. MAKING RIGHT CHOICES IN LIFE IS WHAT MATTERS MOST#

Saturday, April 19, 2014

For the ladies: What to do when you’ve just gotten your heart broken
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To the girl who’s wearing a smile on her face when her heart is broken,
You know what just happened? You got sucker punched.
When I was in high school, a boy threw a basketball into my chest so hard, it knocked the wind out of me. I had never experienced this before. I didn’t know what was happening. I couldn’t catch my breath. It was so painful and shocking, all I could do was stare at him in horror as I held onto my chest for dear life and fell to the floor.
He ran to me horrified and felt terrible.
The same thing just happened to you, but heartache feels 100 times worse. Instead of some guy running toward you horrified and feeling terrible, it’s some guy running away. Nothing is worse than finding yourself so emotionally close to someone and then having to act like strangers. Instead of a moment of intense pain that goes away after a few minutes, it’s agonizing day in and day out.
But you already knew all that.
I make this point because heartbreak is not only shockingly painful, you go through it alone. You don’t know if tomorrow is going to feel any better. That’s why you need a game plan.
So here it is:

Game plan for getting over a broken heart

Phase One:

Give yourself 30 days to grieve. Seriously mark it on your calendar. No more, no less.
A leader in the bible named Moses died. People wept and grieved for 30 days. Then they moved on. You need to do the same.
You get 30 days to think of him, all the good, all the regrets, and all of the would have beens. All that shitty reminiscing we do anyways that never moves us forward but brings us to tears.
Yup, you get to wallow. Not allowing yourself to grieve only draws out the process longer than need be.
The difference between this plan and what people typically go through is that THIS is an actual plan. You know there is a phase two just around the corner. This time, you make the decision to grieve, and when 30 days is up, you make the decision (in advance) that enough is enough.
It’s not you waiting around hoping it will get better tomorrow. It’s empowering you to take things into your own hands. So on day 30, brace yourself because it will be your last day to grieve. Tomorrow will be phase two.

Phase Two:

You only get 30 days to grieve. No one died for heaven’s sake. Grieving for too long holds you back; you’ll get stuck living in the past. You gotta move forward.
After day 30, the next step only has ONE RULE:

Do NOT allow yourself to think of him in any POSITIVE light.

When I read this part to Nate, he was like, “What if it wasn’t his fault?” To that I say, it doesn’t matter who’s fault the breakup was. For your well being at this point, you have to think of only the negative aspects of your ex. Why torture yourself and focus on the good of someone if you can’t be with them?
A lot of things in life you can’t control. In this situation for instance, you can’t control what thought pops up in your head about your ex, BUT you can mold it so as to make it a negative thought about his flaws.
You can choose this. It’s empowering.
Don’t be a martyr by dwelling on his positive attributes!
It’s not realistic that you never think of him again, but whereas grieving time was all fluffy marshmallows, unicorns and rainbows, aching, missing him kinda thoughts, now the focus should shift. It doesn’t matter if he was God’s gift to women, he is still a flawed human being. Now is the time to focus on those flaws.
Now he is officially in the ex files. Now you are ready to take off the blinders.
While you are at it…

NOW is the BEST time to envision your IDEAL guy because you aren’t blinded by your feelings for the former guy.

In order to stop thinking of the old guy in a positive light, you have to believe there is someone better out there for you.
Be honest with what didn’t work. Focus on the qualities that were lacking and what you want instead.
You see when you you are in the thick of a relationship, you feel DISLOYAL admitting things that you don’t like about your partner…
BUT AFTER, it is the PERFECT time to give yourself permission to assess everything wrong with him!
Actually, besides falling into a rebound relationship, this is truly the only way to move forward, and actually it is the more positive way so you refrain form making the same mistakes over and over.
If you never assess, then how can you be mindful next time you fall for a guy?
And don’t just THINK about everything you don’t like about your ex, actually WRITE it down. Like this:
I actually did this for all my ex boyfriends. It was therapeutic. And when Nate finally came along, after a long 5 years of being single, it was so obvious he was the best man I’d ever known or will ever know, I knew I wanted to marry him!
My next post will be about women who date down. What do you think?! How have you coped with heartbreak in the past? I’d love to know!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to Care for your Woman And Make Her Happy

Women are blessings to men. We need to care and make them happy. Those women with huge value should be encouraged to do more. Today, I will tell you 21 ways to care for your woman which I titled "HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR WOMAN AND MAKE HER HAPPY" 1. Treat her the same way you treated her when you are with your friends. 2. Tell your woman how much you love and adore her everyday. Everyone wants to know that they are loved. 3. Be truthful to her. Make her understand and trust you. 4. Never try to hurt her no matter what. Make sure she thinks of you always with smile. 5. Look into her eye and smile. This will make her see your true being and how you care. 6. Both of you should seek a godly relationship to avoid lust. 7. Kiss and hug her to make her feel not alone. 8. Remember her very special day; her birthday and present her something even if it is simple and inexpensive. It has a great meaning for her. 9. Always care and protect her so she could feel you in every moment of her life. 10. Pay attention to her. Let her not only be your presence but also keep her in your thought. 11. Whenever she shares her thought with you, show her that you value her input. This will help both of you build a strong relationship. 12. One thing a woman hates most is when they are taken for granted. Don't for once make her to feel lonely. Appreciate her presence. Whenever she gives you a present, write her a thank-you card for the thing she may had done. 13. Don't ever hug your friends or her friends in her presence. She might feel excluded. 14. Let her know how you feel. It will make her understands you better. 15. Go out with her whenever you are leisured. 16. Her contacts, never lose it. Show her that although you are apart, yet she is on your mind. 17. Whenever another man touches her, make your presence known. She will understand how much you love her. 18. If you have not seen her for couple of days, try call and tell her how much you've missed her. 19. Compromising on certain habits will go a long way in keeping your relationship stronger. 20. Be honest and kind to her. 21. Finally, respect her mind, soul and body. She is a very unique individual and has a great potentials. Source