Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dating Tips : How to Kiss Your Girlfriend in Public Without Looking Trashy

Displaying affection publicly is quite a tricky subject. It works for some but others may treat it like a taboo. But one thing's for sure - you should give it a try at least once in your life. Kissing your girlfriend in public can be utterly sweet and romantic, not to mention it's going to trigger lots of jealous single men out there. Hey, you're in love! It's totally fine to get loose and show some public displays of affection with your lady. But how do we do it without offending or turning people off? Below are some classy tips on how to kiss your girlfriend in public.

1. Make sure she's okay with it. Some babes like to show to the whole wide world you're together but most of them would rather do the kissing in private. Then, read her body language and be ready of her reaction.

2. Start out slowly. Build the mood first. Start with sweet talking or holding hands. It's also a perfect method to get your cue from your girl if she's up for some fun public displays of affection. The more you tease her by light touches or kisses (on her neck, hand or cheek) the more fired up and excited she will be to give you a passionate one soon enough.

3.Watch your timing. Pick the moment wisely. This can quite tricky and risky since your girlfriend may be uncomfortable and conscious about other people seeing you in a very intimate moment. Remember though that it's always more intimate and personal when you kiss your girlfriend in private. It makes the deed more meaningful and important. Girls consider kissing as the most intimate method of physical intimacy, so it's vital we all give great value on it.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dating Tips : What Men Want in a Woman? The Truth Finally Revealed!

It is often said that there is no man who can ever understand what a woman truly wants. But trying to figure out what men want in a woman is no walk in the park either! Different men may want different things, there are some standard qualities that all men look for in a woman. So what is it that makes a woman desirable and irresistible to men?
What Men Want In A Woman
1. Great Looks: Ninety percent of men say that a woman needs to be good looking to catch their interest. This does not indicate that men are shallow or any of the sort. But yes, a woman does need to be fairly decent looking on the outside so that men are interested enough in wanting to find out what's on the inside.
2. Intelligence: A woman who knows her mind and has a strong sense of intellect is a huge turn on for men. No, not all men are intimated by an intelligent woman. In fact, 'beauty with brains' is very attractive to men. Contrary to what many people believe, men are not only looking for someone they can talk to inside the bedroom, but someone they can have a meaningful conversation with outside of it as well.Men want someone they can introduce as their own.
3. Someone who makes them feel wanted: Men like women who are not clingy and can be independent, but they also want to feel like they are wanted. A woman who constantly rejects help from a man just because she wants to prove that she can handle her life is not very appealing to men. Yes, pride is an attractive quality and wanting to be independent is admirable. But men love a woman who is not too proud to ask for help when she does need it!
Other things that men want in a woman include understanding, someone who gives them their space, confidence, straightforwardness, and compassion. Hopefully, this information about what men want in a woman will help you to make yourself more desirable to men.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dating Tips : How to get rich women to take you home

Every woman, rich or not, prefers men with confidence. But how do you approach a woman with the right kind of confidence? Rich women generally decide within a minute or two whether they want to meet and talk to you. So decide for them.

The best way and approach I have found is to simply walk up to a rich woman and say, "Hi. I don't have time to chat right now, but give me your phone number, I'd like to talk to you." Say it with total confidence, and an expectation that you will get the number. That means while you're saying this you have your pen and pad out ready to right down her number. This is the first bit of advice on how to get rich women to take you home.

Learn how to use humor. If you can make a rich woman laugh, she will associate this pleasure with you. With that said, it means you should make her laugh with you, not AT you. So please don't use humor at your own expense. It's best to use a type of "romantic humor" that makes her feel pleasure by being with you, and at the same time makes her imagine what would happen if she took you home.

What else do you need to know on how to get rich women to take you ached, on average, 10 times a day by men who want them. So by being different you will go a long ways towards your problem of how to get rich women to take you home. How should you be different? You can tease
her. Most men don't like to do this because some women get offended. Big deal. While most men play it safe, you'll be different, and instantly stand out from the rest. Also, you can create some mystery behind you that will leave her wanting to know more about you -- a perfect way to get rich women to take you home.

Be confident, use good humor, and be unique! Follow this strategy and you will learn how to get rich women to take you home as well. I hope this has given you a general idea of how to get rich women to take you home.

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