Monday, July 26, 2010

Dating Tips : Breast Ironing of Young Girls in Cameroon !!!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dating Tips : 7 Most Dangerous Dating Mistakes Dating Friends Should Avoid

Although my headline is referring to dating friends, these tips and mistakes must be avoided by all single people looking for soul mates or lifetime partners.

MISTAKE #1: Dont Be Too “Nice”

Have you ever realized that women are most of the time attracted to men that are not nice? This is one of the relationships mysteries, but it happens and i have seen it happening even with close friends. Men who dont understand this usually thinks women dont know what they want……guess what? they dont want an angel, they want someone that will protect them.

Being nice does not qualify you to be liked by ladies…ACCEPT this fact and please move on.

MISTAKE #2: Not Being Yourself

A lot of men panic when they see a beautiful women and start behaving strangely. They do things they will not do under normal circumstances. Be yourself and make sure your behaviour is not trying to convince the woman to like you or feel differently about you

The HARD FACT to swallow here is that….YOU WILL NEVER EVER convince a woman to fall for for you when it comes to attraction. Logic and reasoning will take you nowhere!

If you pick up that a woman is not interested…MOVE ON before she starts calling you names.

MISTAKE #3: Not Trusting Your Instincts

You have to trust your instincts and stop begging for approval from your lady. Unlike in the corporate world where you have to suck up to someone, IN RELATIONSHIPS, women do not like it when men are trying to suck up to them by getting approval for everything they want to do.

The idea here is not to encourage people to treat women badly…..but be warned, women are put off by men seeking their permission or approval.

MISTAKE #4: Money Can’t Buy You Love

How many men do you know who always bought gifts and flowers for their dates/girl friends but they still got dumped for someone else who does not even spend a cent for her?….I bet there is a lot.

Your good deeds might be interpreted as bribery or as trying to compensate your insecurity, they will think that you trying to manipulate them. I do not say do not do it at all, but be cautious….

MISTAKE #5: Revealing Too Much Too Early

Another unfortunate and big mistake that most dating friends do, is to share their feelings to early. Remember when dating, the idea is or rather the purpose should be first to make friends and as you grow to love the person, you can then share your feelings with them. If you do not trust me on this one, give a try, approach a beautiful lady and tell them how much you love them and see what happens to you……I guess we both know the answer

So, if you wanna see a woman run or leave you alone at the restaurant table, just tell them how you REALY REALY like them after the first…..the chances are, you will be seeing them for the last time…this is a sign of desperation

MISTAKE #6: “Understanding” What Attracts Women

Men and women are two different beings form two different planets. When a man sees a beautiful lady, they are immediately sexually attracted to the….but does the same happen to women? There is a conclusive evidence that validates my statement, it takes more than just looks to for women to be sexually attracted to men…..

What other factors do they look on?

Have realized or seen that a lot of beautiful women work around with “not so good looking” guy?

Here is the secret!

Women are more attracted by the way their men makes them feel…..its not just looks alone

Body language and clear and assertive communication are some of the powerful tools dating friends can use to increase their chances in relationships….you have to learn how to communicate your thoughts and ideas to women and maybe this is a topic for another day.

MISTAKE #7: Its Not About Money And Looks

Guys are shy to approach a beautiful women because they think they want money and good looking hunks. This is a lie, most women ( not gold diggers) are more interested in a man’s personality and interest than his wallet….there are personality traits that women finds attractive…..find them….learn them and be among the few that attract women.

If you know how to use your body to talk for yourself and clear communication…you will be on your way to make women feel so powerfully attracted to you…just like when a man sees a gorgeous woman.