Saturday, December 20, 2008

Guide to asking someone out on a date

1. Make an introduction of yourself to the person you've been/you are admiring.

2. Collect the person phone number by just telling him/her that you would want to meet him/her

3.Try and give him/her a call at a date that is not intrusive. Call when you are comfortable with this, no matter what your friends can say about the right to time to call.

4. Re-introduce yourself once on the phone saying something like, 'Hey, this is Don. We met at the bus stop. "

5. Implore little pretense as possible (ideally none), ask the person if he or she would like to get together for a cup of tea or do something similarly casual. If you are politely refused, take the hint and get off the phone.

6. Meet casually for a short period of time - half an hour. If this goes well, suggesting a more formal date and time for lunch is important for more discussion.

7. Disclose your intention. Try to be your self and be natural.


Heath February 11, 2009 at 6:48 AM  

Thanks...these things are very necessary if you want to have a safe and pleasant date.

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