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It is a common sight to see people breaking up with their partner, some shortly after they started, some after years of being together. It may have been the wrong choice at first, or simply making your first choice of finding your first man. It is all up to an individual's determination to look for their potential partner.

1. Be different :To ensure that you will have a unique relationship that differs from the men you usually meet throughout your daily life, step away from your daily routine. A simple leap out of your daily working schedule will open your window of interaction to allow strangers to meet you. This will let you have a chance to meet other single individuals whom are not those surrounding you daily like your office colleagues. There are so many of them out there just that you did not notice them as your daily activities do not allow you to see this wide selection of dates.

2. Let them approach you: Another good tip on how to find a man is to allow them to come to you instead. Yes, this is one of the main barriers from letting men to approach you. Many men felt shy or embarrassing to be rejected by a woman, so allowing them to come and approach you actually give them courage to talk or date you. Ease your rules a bit, let them know that you are easily approachable and they will start flowing in one after another. Be as polite and friendly as possible to let them approach you without hesitation, as most of them will back off quickly if they get to know that you are being labeled as the 'Tough-To-Chat-With' girl from another guy.

3. Have fun: Add some new activities in your life. Join your friends to attend a workout course in a gym after work for example. This opens up your opportunity to find a man that suits your taste by simply joining something new. Learn new things such as scuba diving lessons, or rock climbing. You will sure meet a lot of interesting guys whom are not fond of hanging out in the café or lounges. Who knows a small investment on an activity will keep your life exciting, in the meantime allowing you to have a go at a selection of guys to get to know them.

4. Be brave: Last but not least, a crucial tip on how to find a man is to learn to be brave. Timidity and shyness are the uniqueness of a women, which makes them hard to approach the opposite sex audience. Learn to be brave and courageous. This will boost up your confidence in talking, introducing, or even flirting with an unknown guy. Men will find women like this are more impressive and tend to reply back confidently and genuinely. From there onwards it is a good chance to get to know each other when you have the confidence to carry on with the introduction process.

Just, remember those points above to yourself, look at guys with a different point of view and approach them with a smile, it will be no difficulties for you on how to find a man to be your potential lover.

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