Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thoughts Poetry Anything: Memories

*************WARNING: ADULT POST. IF YOU ARE LESS THAN 18, READ NO FURTHER! If you are 18 or over 18 and you find adult content offensive, please read no further!****************
February 2009 © Stani, All rights reserved
A gentle breeze blowscool evening coming to an end lights turned low as I lie beneath my sheets, thoughts of you raging in my mind,
Memories of similar evenings spent in your armsthoughts of romance, passion how you held me, stroking me like a cat memories of my purrs and sighs.
Waiting patiently for youI lie back on my bed staring at your picture, somehow, I drift off.
While I wait for you, in my dreams,I feel your presence, your breath, warm, wispy, I feel it on my neck, everywhere, your hands all over, caressing, soothing my ache.
Now I can feel you, yes I feel you,like a stallion, your staff is at full mast, still I await, sweating, writhing in my sheets hands between my legs, touching, taking me to greater heights!
Memories, memories, dreamsthese are all I have of you while I wait for you waiting for untrammeled passion!