Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dating Tips : How to Find a Girlfriend - Dating Laws - Emotion

Ladies love guys who can show emotion. Guys hate showing emotion! Isn't it great how life works! Well the bad news is that the men with those good looking gals do show emotion. They can laugh, they can be excited, heck they can even be compassionate when the situation dictates. And none of it is forced or faked. They have no problems trying to find a girlfriends. These guys have discovered that if they open themselves up just slightly, that perceived vulnerability is a major tick from the woman.
Girl will feel more comfortable in the company of a guy who is caring and sensitive. After all, these are all characteristics that women have no fear in showing. Because it is so ingrained into the female psyche, they automatically realise when someone is connecting with them on an emotional level. This is seriously like gold dust. If she believes you have these qualities, in whatever measure, you will become a different 'kind' of man to her. You will become someone that she can relate to, and that she can share with.
Guys hate showing emotion! Unless it's with a bunch of friends watching the game - then you have no inhibitions about kissing anyone on the cheek (regardless of the sex of the person!). You have to take some of that game attitude out with you. Switch it round a little, and make it woman friendly. She won't know the pains you have gone through, but she will love the result! The result will mean that you will have a much better chance of finding a girlfriend.

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