Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dating Tips : Waiting To Call A Woman After The First Date! Does it always Work?

Waiting a few days to call a woman after the first date is the best way to get or attract her.But, there are certain times and situations when waiting to call a woman doesn't work.

If you didn't do anything to raise her interest level during the date, waiting to call her is not going to create any type of attraction inside of her.

Giving her some reasons to actually want to hear from you again otherwise you are just prolonging the time it takes for her to blow you off or reject you is very important.

Another case where waiting to call doesn't work with is with women who are focused on "Finding a Man". Women like this aren't looking for a man, rather a man that they can control. Waiting to call these types of women usually results in them blowing you off or her attempting to regain control by trying to break you in some ways; usually by telling you how wrong you were for waiting so long to call.

Finally, waiting to call a woman doesn't always work with all women but it always works on the type of women that you want and can get if you called earlier.

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