Thursday, January 15, 2009

4 things to make a woman date a poor man.

There are 4 things a man should have that would make women to run after him without necessarily being rich.These four qualities are being looked for in a man by women.They are completely different from any other of the obvious attraction factors like money and looks.

These qualities are :
1.Confidence: This is always the ability to tell that woman what you want and how you want it.It ranges from confidence in demanding for sex and be straight to the point in all issues.The woman wants and respect the man who understands her body.

2.Charisma: A man should be charismatic in all things, being able to make fun, jokes, make the woman laugh when she is angry, and know exactly how to handle situations of all kinds.The man should create time for social activities as well. He should be able to act and make fun. These are what makes a man sexy!

3.Character - The man should have the quality that will warrant you to bring him home to your parents.

4. The man should be strong and healthy: He should be able to satisfy the woman sexually.

With perfection in all these qualities,the woman will always be ready to spend for the man. He will always bear what ever condition comes.


Stanis January 17, 2009 at 2:29 PM  

But without money...............