Saturday, January 17, 2009

How to know if a guy likes you.

1) The way he looks at you when a man is attracted to a woman, he looks or glances at the direction of the girl or woman anytime he passes by. If they are in the same place of work, he always look at the direction of the girl.He stares at you always when he noticed that you are not looking at him.This is the usual behavior of an enamored man.Try and make eye contact the next time he's looking at you to test him out.If he looks away, it's possible he could be nervous or just plain shy. If you catch him doing this more than twice,then it's possible that he's attracted to you.

2.The man always ask around of your person.If a guy likes you, it always usual that he will tell his friends about it. He will even go as far as informing them to find out more information about you. So, just be patient and wait for the news to reach your ears.

3.The body talk.You will also observe the way the body communicate each time you have a close discussion with him to indicate interest.That way, you can observe his body language and how he reacts to certain things you say.In knowing if a guy likes you, take note of how he talks to you. If he appear nervous with his words jumbled up? If he is, that is a major sign that he has a crush on you. The suspicions will be further affirmed if he agrees to all you say. That shows how hard he's trying to please you.

4.The bold approach If you are not patient enough you can take chances. Take a bold step and approach him as other ladies can do what a growing number of women are doing nowadays - ask him out. There is nothing wrong with this since it has been established that he is interested in you.This effectively makes things simpler. You don't have to wait if the man doesn't have the courage to ask you out.

Above all, making the first move may not be so helpful sometimes. The guy might reject you. You have to be really sure and know if a guy likes you, then don't go for the bold approach.