Saturday, January 24, 2009

How to Improve on Your Sex Life- Tips For a Healthy Sex Life.

Love making remains a very important tool to build lasting relationships among couples. It will certainly help prepare them to face previous challenges and to improve on them.To make this possible, you will need to the following tips put into consideration.

1.When the passion is hot, the better the sex.
There are lot of ways to express to partner how much you enjoy sleeping and being with him or her. The way you ask for it; the way you respond to your spouse’s advances and the way you take care of your body in order to look good, tells much into keeping the passion in your love relationship sizzling and hot.

2.It is important to flirting with your partner.
There is nothing wrong in flirting with your spouce. Men would always love to have you when you put on your charming and sexy attires. Glances at your partners could generate an exchange of sexual energy and the way you look at your partner is very important. When you dress seductively,it could eventually get your husband fired up sexually, even though he would
pretend initially not to notice. A lot of men are frequently under sexual pressure and an average man thinks about sex at least 5-6 times a day. The adage says” Treat the nuptial bed like a business”

3. Make known your sexual fantasy, put it into practice.
It is a normal thing to create sexual scenarios in your mind. The best way to handle this is to share them with your spouse and put them to test. This will result to a life time of sexual ecstasy

4. Give your spouse greatest of sex.
Making love and giving your spouse a greatest and best of sex is like pledging your eternal allegiance to him or her. It is like vowing to make he or she experiences orgasm for the rest of her life, to create a lasting sexual atmosphere and environment, and to ensure that his or her desire comes first.

5. Sex free life.
Sex mostly enjoyed when stress is out of your life and way. Bad mood is equals poor sex and bad sleep is equals poor sex.

It is best to be at a good mood and health during and after sex. Dim the light when you are about to sleep because it will assist you to have a good sleep, rest and put your body on a wind-down-mode for better sex moment.

6. Sex Break-Stay off sex for a period of time.
To create freshness and sparkle in your relationship, both of you can decide to stay off sex for a while. This will revitalize, restore and create a reconnecting sexual experience in your life.