Saturday, March 7, 2009

Discover how to dress for a hot date

1.Think of the image that best reflects your personality. You be able to manage it without too much trouble. Don't decide to go "goth" on a hot date if that's not an image you can truly keep up on a regular basis.

2.Select clothes that show off the most positive aspects of your body, e.g trim waist, toned arms or great legs. Figure-skimming fabrics like cotton jersey or silk will help you look sexy and hot. However, it's important to leave something to the imagination.It may seem counterintuitive, but restraint can be even hotter than flaunting everything have.

3.Pick a color analysis to dress in the colors of clothing that most flatter you. Wearing the right colors can help you look slimmer, healthier and even younger.

4.Choose one or two key accessories that match your outfit. The key here is balance. You want your necktie, earrings or watch to be noticeable, but not to overpower the rest of your ensemble.

5.Put on a pair of shoes that are in top condition. Using shoes that are unpolished, torn or worn will not leave a good first impression. Strappy sandals, high heels and tall leather boots are all good hot-date choices for women.

6.You should choose to dress in an outfit that is comfortable. No matter how great it looks on you, you're not going to seem hot if you're fidgeting in it all evening.

7. Figure your body type to find clothes that fit you best. There are free resources, such as Personal Image Training, that offer advice on how to make the best clothing choices for your body type click here for details.