Saturday, March 21, 2009

Relationships That Are Dangerous

Relationship dangerousness in women’s eyes is often too narrow of a definition. Often women equate dangerousness only with physical violence. If he hasn’t hit her, then the relationship can’t be ‘dangerous’ to her.

Women’s relational harm that happens in dangerous relationships can include:

* Emotional danger and damage
* Physical danger and damage
* Sexual danger and damage
* Financial danger and damage
* Spiritual danger and damage
* All of these kinds of danger and damage to her children and family members as well

Danger and damage occur when someone is harmed in a relationship, on any level. Emotional, financial or spiritual damage is not less ‘dangerous’ to a woman’s mental health than any of the other kinds of damage. And yet women often overlook the results of relationships that are dangerous and what she is living with now that it is over.

Women would come to counseling and not even realize how damaged they were from the relationships that were dangerous that they were in. If she was paying a counselor because of the damaging effects of the relationship then it was in fact, dangerous to her! She was damaged enough by that relationship to seek counseling. I’d call that a dangerous relationship!

As women rack up more and more relationships that are dangerous she learns to normalize his abnormal and damaging behaviors. The results are that women often find it difficult to be attracted to nice normal men and find themselves in a vicious cycle of dating ‘bad boys’ with bad results!


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This is a great post and touches on a lot about abusive relationships.