Monday, March 9, 2009

How you can get a date with hot girls online

1. Make sure your profile is interesting. You should forget about putting Warcraft and Linux as your hobbies or interests because hot girls don't like them. Provide interesting hobbies or interests on your profile.
2. Post sweet and extraordinary pictures. Avoid posting pics of your abs because hot girls are not really interested in those things. You can post pictures with cool friends or pictures of extreme sports. Travel pictures are also interesting. Don't post pictures that show you're drunk and instead, post pictures together with nice-looking girls. This will show that you're also a gentleman and a social guy.
3. Put a few pictures of your friends. Putting too many pictures will not be realistic. Just select the pictures with your closest friends.
4. Don't overload your profile with personal information. Hot girls are not into info overload. You can skip some fields if you want. By limiting the information on your profile, you can attract the attention of hot girls because they want to know you better.

Getting hot girls to fall for you is not as difficult as you think. With a bit of know how, you can make your profile hot and interesting. Just put only the essential information. You can also describe yourself a bit, tell your hobbies or interests, but always keep in mind that hot girls prefer men who are feedback-oriented. You have to be real and don't deceive women. Pictures can reveal too much about your personality so choose them well. The pictures should impart an exciting and interesting individual. Once you caught their attention, they will want to know you more. Set up your profile now or improve the one you have right now.


Vivek Malik March 14, 2009 at 1:05 AM  

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